Space to get together

Amanda Attfield – Chair of FOCG and local resident – a space to get together 

What makes the Castle Green special as a space is that it’s everyone’s space. It’s not like a building, that might be imposing and put people off.

People who visit and use the park love it – and it’s a lovely, easy, tree lined, traffic free route to get from one side of the river to the other. It’s in the middle of the city and is a space for people to come together to enjoy, learn, and celebrate.

It is a place of charm and tranquility with an amazing history, dating from celtic times through the civil war to Georgian and Victorian eras to the present day. In more recent times it became a place for the community to come together for festivals, events, and celebrations, as well as a place for people to enjoy peace and quiet.

Events on the Castle Green are for everyone, because they in a space that belongs to everyone. It’s big enough to do stuff on a big scale, and small enough to feel at home in. Everyone needs a space like this.

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