Space to enjoy

Lisa Richardson – local resident, founder member of FOCG Director & Board Secretary – space to enjoy

The Castle Green is what it says on the tin!   A green space in the heart of a city.

Within the Saxon city walls and a sacred burial place, the bailey of the Norman castle where people gathered for shelter, to a green space where sheep kept the grass down and later where wide paths, views of the river, young lime trees encouraged promenading in the afternoon sunlight. People still remember maypole dancing and the days of the bandstand.

Today, the paths, trees – much taller – and views of the river are still there; youth has its first kiss, students sit on the grass putting the world to rights, dogs are exercised, the school army cadets march, a through way for busy pedestrians & cyclists between north and south of the river, babies lie in the sun on a rug while their siblings wobble along the path on their first bike ride, young exponents of extreme sports sledge down Hoggs Mound bank in the snow on feed bags, city workers bring their lunchtime sandwiches.

A place to enjoy, each in our own way.  

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