Celebration, Education, Recreation: A Park for People

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These are the 2019 officer members of your committee.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Friends either through the following email addresses or using our contact form below.

Chair: Amanda Attfield – chair@friendsofcastlegreen.org.uk
Vice-Chair & Events: Mark Hubbard – friendsofcastlegreen@yahoo.co.uk
Membership Secretary: Annie Lilwall – members@friendsofcastlegreen.org.uk
Treasurer: Martin Flowers – treasurer@friendsofcastlegreen.org.uk
Community Engagement:  Annabel Oxford – community@friendsofcastlegreen.org.uk
Funding:  Heather Clyne – funding@friendsofcastlegreen.org.uk

Operations Manager:  Katie Bott – operations@friendsofcastlegreen.org.uk